Visaplus is delighted to welcome you. We are a Canadian citizenship and immigration firm that helps you attain your goal of living in Canada. Through our expert immigration consultants, we maintain a relationship and track record with our potential clients. We can guide you on the correct path with various immigration visas.

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Visaplus is a Canadian immigration firm that can assist you in achieving your objectives of visiting, studying, working, and staying in Canada. We seek to stand out among the various Canadian immigration service providers by cultivating long-term relationships with our customers and providing professional and timely service that continues beyond the application process.

Our responsibility is to make immigration procedures simplified and keep you updated with IRCC news. Visaplus can support you with all aspects of your immigration process. We can provide you with practical expertise ranging from answering basic queries to resolving complex problems.

With the depth of our immigration knowledge, our dedicated team assists the individuals seeking legal immigration information and ensures your success. Our staff has successfully represented clients in complex immigration petitions and hearings.



Our immigration experts can help you with legal information and resolve your immigration issues. We strongly believe in our work ethics and support you every time.


We believe the 'Trust' is everything, and we never tamper with our client's confidence in us. Whether it's documentation or application forms, everything we care professionally.


Our efficient team can help you with reliable and professional consultation. Our trained professionals can provide you with practical solutions to overcome the immigration problem.


Integrity is the hallmark of our company. We never default on providing you with the solution and support at the time of your need.

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We have garnered experience and helped many individuals with immigration dreams from time to time. Our team can provide you with accurate information to ensure your success in the Canadian immigration procedure.


Our proficient immigration consultants can resolve any complex problems and show you the path to get approval. We provide strategic planning and immigration assistance to expedite the procedure.

Free Online Visa

A free online visa assessment is a questionnaire to assess your eligibility for different immigration pathways. Use our free assessments before applying for a study permit, business permit, skilled worker, Temporary PR pathway, start-up visa, and family class sponsorship. Your education, training, language proficiency, work experience, and other factors will contribute to the assessment.

Intending applicants can determine whether they are eligible for Canadian immigration or not by furnishing all information in our free evaluation form. Our team will deliver the assessment report within a few working days.

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